Avoid accidents and unvoluntary breaks!

Sharp rocks, big stones, branches, unstable loads - a driver without proper protection is putting his life on the line.

Hammerglass offers unbreakable glass solutions as a substitute for standard screens and mesh-reinforced glass. Hammerglass replacement screens are available for the most commonly occurring machines, in thicknesses appropriate to the screen size and specific protection needs involved. Hammerglass screens are bonded to the cab like the original screens.

Tested - for life!

Watch us put Hammerglass to the test.

Noone give Hammerglass worse of a time than the guys at Hammerglass.
Watch us test one of our "Sacrificial" 4 mm screen. Unbelievable!

Glass vs Hammerglass.
Watch us put Hammerglass and hardened glass to the test. One handles a hard time better than the other. Check it out.  

We would love to tell you more about how to save lives and money!

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300 X stronger than glass.

Virtually unbreakable and with scratch resistant coating. World class driver protection!

Tested & Certified.

All our screens are tested and certified - you know what you get! We have screens for all needs!

Low life-cycle cost.

Change less screens, avoid unvoluntary breaks and plan your production the way you want it!